A strong community

agrimed ... 50 members

with 1.000 hectare of farmland

agrimed GmbH - based in Wallerstädten close to Groß Gerau and Frankfurt/Main airport in the Federal State of Hesse - is a producers' association for medicinal and spice plants in which approximately 40 farmers have joined together to produce, process and market herbs.

Approximately 80 different medicinal and spice plants are cultivated on an agricultural area of about 800 to 1,000 hectares every year.

Originally, the area of cultivation was located and limited to Hesse. Over the years it has expanded to the adjoining Federal States of Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate initially .

Nowadays it extends across the whole of Germany.

Expansion & Sustainability

The production facility and the administration building in Wallerstädten close to the city of Groß-Gerau and the Frankfurt/Main airport has been completed in 2012 and is pride and joy of agrimed Hessen w.V.

All business of the producers' association is centrally handled here, from the processing of new herbs to packaging, storage and distribution. Groß Gerau/Wallerstädten was selected as production location, because a drying plant has already been located here.

A particular advantage is the fact that the drying plant uses the waste heat of the biogas plant of Groß-Gerau located next door and that agrimed is connected to this alternative energy as well.